the one at SF city hall

Angela & Zach met in Southern California while he was a student at Cal Tech. Malibu was a place they frequented to hike and hang out. We climbed up the side of this mountain that had a beautiful viewpoint of the city.

After they had dated for a few years they moved up to SF and so they wanted a civil ceremony done at the beautiful SF city hall. I loved the quiet moments while we were waiting in anticipation for them to meet with the officiant. My favorite frames from that morning were the little details that tell the story of the whole day-- 9:55am on the office clock before their 10a appt., them holding hands under the table while going over the license, and Angela straightening Zach's suit coat for the photos. Afterwards we of course had to stop by Crissy Park to get some photos by the bridge (: They are the sweetest !